I imagine you buckling and shoaling under the surface. Roiling.

With my head between your legs, my tongue prying and teasing through the fabric that sheathes your cock, I look up and over to you. Is it for affirmation? Direction? Assurance?

It’s been altogether too long since I have had the pleasure of your cock in my mouth. Despite the months apart, this is instantly familiar.

My tongue snakes under the fabric, flickering in and out, coating what I can reach of your flesh with my saliva. I push my fingers under the band of your briefs raising the elastic as I inch it off your frame.

In the dim light your cock takes on a slight sheen. I look at it in awe, studying the contours – the bulbous head leading down to the shaft, the hint of veins straining through your engorged flesh. My eyes drink you in hungrily. It must be said. You have the most beautiful cock. I want to capture this image, preserve it, burn it deep into my iris and mind.

May I immortalise you? I want to. You are beautiful.

With much reluctance, I tear my eyes away from my prize. I am torn between admiring your cock and claiming it for myself.

Tenderly I bend over your cock, swallowing it, letting the warmth and wetness of my mouth suck you in. You are a sleek seal, lithe and playful between my lips. I love this- feeling you slip between my lips, in and out, my slippery elusive prize.

You are so hard yet soft. Tusk in velvet. I want to run my tongue all over you.

I close my eyes so as to focus on the sensation of you between my lips, darting in and out, probing me open. I feel you slip down the silky length of my tongue, pumping my mouth.

My mouth releases its captive prize briefly as I circle the tip of your head with my tongue, flickering in and out intermingling our fluids. I lap at your rod eagerly, a sweet-toothed child partaking in forbidden candy.

I lick all the way down your shaft and work my way up again, planting kisses when I stop to take a breath. I adore you. I need to savour all of you.

Finally, I slip you back into my mouth guiding you all the way down. I feel you against the back of my throat. I hold you there till I can’t breathe. I pull back, gasping for air and take you in just a little deeper. My eyes water.

I imagine you buckling and shoaling under the surface. Roiling.

I want you to come in me. I want to choke on you, sputter, and drink all of you in.

But it won’t happen. Not today, not ever. You deny me my prize.


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